Author: ionajesstownsley

16th April 2023 Research

The Grapevine 2023 Campaign Report

The Grapevine is a creative content newsletter. We pull together every digital PR campaign we’ve been able to find from the past month. We’ve analysed over 1,500 content marketing campaigns to find out which categories, types and formats of campaigns worked the best in 2022.

13th April 2023 Digital PR

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is an offshoot of SEO. An earned media strategy, the aim of digital PR is to gain high-quality backlinks on publications to increase rankings on Google. This is now adapting with recent changes to how Google shows content in the SERPs.

10th April 2023 News

Introducing Heroine.

Introducing a specialised digital PR ideation consultancy, Heroine. We work as your secret weapon to come up with creative content ideas that deliver on SEO.