A personalised ideation consultancy for agencies and brands who want more.

Heroine is a search-first creative consultancy that specialises in developing digital PR campaigns for brands and agencies looking to improve their SEO and become famous in the process.

Launched during the spring of 2023, we dream of marrying the focus and measurability of the SEO industry with the innovation and brand-building of advertising heavyweights.

Amid being bogged down by comms and day-to-day tasks, it can be hard to invest time into coming up campaigns that deliver results. As a specialist consultancy we stay small and agile, allowing us to dream up ideas that will move the needle.

We concentrate on producing digital PR campaigns that gain authoritative press coverage and high-quality backlinks while continuing to build trust in your customers. We do this by creating data stories, brand campaigns and viral social media moments to get you in front of the people who matter. Our strategy will have you rank higher on Google and help you take on the big players.

We spend hundreds of hours dedicating our time to adapting the ideation process and reimagining modern content marketing, from experimenting with new formats to developing new methodologies.

We’re the perfect partner for brands and agencies who looking to disrupt the market.

Long story short, I'm your secret weapon.

Iona Townsley, Founder

Heroine was launched during the spring of 2023, a time for new beginnings by Iona Townsley, a PR strategist and creative.

Iona founded Heroine during her travels around Thailand to challenge the digital PR industry with new and inspiring ideas that put an emphasis on experimentation.

She has worked in PR and marketing agencies for longer than she cares to admit managing the digital PR strategy for clients including Parkdean Resorts, Club Med, House of Fraser, Dojo, Paymentsense and more. She has extensive PR experience working in a variety of industries including travel, business, finance, careers, home, tech, property and fashion. Just don’t ask her about crypto.

She spotted an opportunity in one of the most neglected parts of the PR process; ideation. Known for her ability to come up with innovative ideas, she decided to launch a consultancy to help agencies and brands do the same, delivering digital PR campaigns that excel on a bedrock of creativity.

Iona has won awards for her work, led the digital PR strategy on some of the largest companies in the world, built countless links in hard-to-reach niches and improved Google rankings through campaign activity.

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