At Heroine our bite is worse than our bark. I’m a strong believer in showing off the work I’ve done. How else can you know if someone is going to deliver on your goals? Below you’ll find a collection of concepts I’ve ideated for at previous agencies, along with their results and some visual examples. These serve as a taste of what you could get when you work with me.

The below projects were carried out when working in-house for various agencies and are used only as ideation examples while I build my own portfolio.

Airline Hidden Fees

Uncovering the problem of 'drip-pricing' in the airline industry.

PR Strategy


Campaign Management


If you’ve ever flown with an airline you know how frustrating it is to see an advertised airfare that eventually becomes double, if not triple the price due to expensive add-ons. Both the UK prime minister and U.S. president voiced concerns about drip pricing at the start of 2023.

For NetVoucherCodes, a champion for consumer spending, we wanted to find out to what extent airlines around the world were charging hidden fees to help consumers make better choices when booking flights.

To do this, we looked at over 80 airlines all over the world and manually went through the booking process for each one, noting down the cost of a 20kg check-in bag, carry-on bag, seat selection, fast track, insurance and onboard wifi for a similar length route. Using this information, we calculated how much more in hidden fees each airline was charging.

The campaign achieved 100+ links in high-DA publications including USA TODAY, TimeOut, Daily Mail, Sky News and The Guardian with a full-page write-up in The Observer.

Shortly after the campaign, the UK government began a consultation into airlines and how they present their pricing to consumers.

Dark Fairytales for Modern Kids

Book mockup of The Very Hungry Data Eater.

Teaching children about internet safety with Surfshark.

PR Strategy



Art Direction

Did you know that most schools don’t teach cybersecurity, even though 95% of children have access to the internet? This has meant that the burden of teaching children about internet safety has fallen to parents at home.

For Surfshark, a popular VPN service provider, we wanted to create a resource that would engage children in the topic of cybercrime while also making it easy enough for parents to implement.

With this in mind, we reimagined classic children’s books with a new moral to teach children how to be safe online. We wanted to help parents build trust with their children, open up important discussions and educate them about cybersecurity.

We created the concepts for our books, rewrote them from scratch and sourced illustrators to beautifully design each one. We then created a range of assets including mockups, flat lays and even a downloadable pdf so people could actually read the book in its entirety – for free!

The campaign was covered in PC Magazine, Newsweek, and many more high DA publications.

* Work carried out for NeoMam Studios.

Book page mockup of The Very Hungry Data Eater.
Book inside mockup of The Very Hungry Data Eater.
Book interior mockup of Where The Wrong Friends Are.

The Freelancer Pay Gap

Highlighting the gender pay gap in freelancing with ZenBusiness.

PR Strategy


We all know the gender pay gap is unfortunately still alive and well. But when people are able to set their own rates in the freelancing world, are women still losing out?

For ZenBusiness, who help small businesses get on their feet, I wanted to explore if the gender pay gap exists for freelancers. To do this, we analysed over 6,000 freelancer profiles from the U.S. We took this data and calculated the average rate for women and men, as well as split this down by category.

Our study found some shocking results. Freelancers who are men charge 48& more than women for the equivalent role overall. The average hourly rate for men is $68.58, while women charge on average $46.30 per hour.

We then created separate assets for the overall difference in freelancer rates and broken down by industry. We then also created a handy infographic that helped freelancers know how to set their rates in a fair and ethical way.

The campaign achieved a full page write up on Bloomberg as well as links on Fast Company and over 70+ other publications. 

* Work carried out for NeoMam Studios.

Infographic showing the difference in freelancer rates between men and women.
Infographic showing the average freelancer rates for admin, IT and customer service jobs for men and women.

Monster Residences of America

Exploring the monster residences of America with Angi.

PR Strategy



America does everything bigger. Bigger cars, bigger cities and bigger houses. They have some of the biggest homes in the world, built by people wealthier than we could ever imagine.

For Angi, an American website that connects homeowners with contractors to improve their homes, I wanted to highlight these huge homes. I decided to focus on the largest residential home in every U.S. state. To do this, I used desk research to find the largest homes from each location based on their square footage. Then, using this information, I sourced images and additional information of each home to develop the idea further.

We chose to create beautifully illustrated minimalist posters to show off each of the huge residences from each state. These went on to be used extensively by regional press. We also created a poster showing every home from each state which we ranked from largest to smallest from above so readers could get a real feeling of scale.

The campaign picked up over 100 links across home, interiors and regional websites including Digg, Daily Hive and the American regional radio network.

* Work carried out for NeoMam Studios.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Unbuilt Houses

Exterior 3D render of Cottage Studio for Ayn Rand.

Breathing life into some of Frank Lloyd Wright's unbuilt homes for Angi.

PR Strategy



For Angi, a website that connects homeowners with contractors to improve their homes, I wanted to explore some of the most famous homes in the world that were never built. Frank Lloyd Wright is the most prolific architect in America and over the course of his career, he designed over 1,000 structures. Unfortunately, many of them never made it off the page. With this in mind, I wanted to see how some of these popular homes would look if they were actually built.

For the campaign, I researched some of the more popular houses that were never built by the architect and then proceeded to gather as much information about each one as possible, unearthing floorplans, blueprints, sketches and more.

I then narrowed the selection down to three iconic structures which we then created hyperrealistic 3D renders of the outside and renders of the floorplan for each one.

The project went viral in home and interiors press, being picked up in publications like Wallpaper, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, My Modern Met, Apartment Therapy and over 100+ other publications across the world.

* Work carried out for NeoMam Studios.

Floor plan 3D render of Mrs David Devin house.
Exterior 3D render of Mrs David Devin House.

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