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The Grapevine is a monthly creative content newsletter that details almost every digital PR campaign to come out month to month providing inspiration, competitor knowledge and allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of what the industry is up to.

Some cool things you can do with the newsletter:

•  Keep up to date with the industry

•  Find out what campaigns your competitors are pushing

•  Find inspiration for your exact niche

•  Explore new formats and methodologies

•  See what campaigns are gaining the most links

•  Check out our top picks of campaigns for the month

•  Unique insights into seasonal events and specific industries

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Meet the creators

Iona Townsley

Founder of Heroine, Iona is a digital PR specialist and conceptual creative with years of experience in the industry. She is the founder of The Grapevine and is in charge of its growth, marketing and sponsorships.

Annie Shortland

An experienced digital PR and content professional. Annie works as the editorial assistant at The Grapevine, hunting down exciting new campaigns and formatting the newsletter for production.

Sponsor The Grapevine

To keep The Grapevine running we rely on sponsorships to pay for our time, effort and tools. The email is extremely labour intensive so we’re really thankful when we’re able to offset costs. We’re looking for sponsorships from any company that would benefit from getting in front of a super engaged audience of SEOs, PRs and marketers. This could be a recruiter, SAAS tools, agencies or conference to name a few.