10th April 2023 News

Introducing Heroine.

I’ve been in the digital PR industry for a long while. I’ve come to build a following of over 3,000 marketers on Twitter, a community of 2,000+ people with my newsletter and have become known in the industry for being someone who strives to push creativity within SEO-facing campaigns.

I’ve come from a number of leading agencies that have helped me grow and develop into the creative I am today, and I’ll be eternally grateful for what they helped me achieve.

But now it’s time for me to go out on my own.

I believe the PR industry is full of wonderful, creative people. But I think we can hone our creative output and data in a more targeted approach. We all try to be flexible and fluid within our approaches, but we always get too big. We end up losing sight of our creativity, bogged down by process. We try to turn around business pitches in a matter of hours, sacrifice good ideas for money (fair enough) and are forced to leave behind experimentation in favour of safety.

That’s why I’ve launched Heroine, a specialist creative ideation consultancy.

We’re small and will stay small. We pride ourselves on investing our time into developing new methodologies, experimenting with new formats and making sure we stay ahead in the industry.

We offer two specialist services:

1, Creative Consultancy – Working with agencies around the world to help them develop their creative processes. Offering ideas for their brands in decks clearly detailing the concept, methodology, assets and headlines, as well as working with their teams on consultancy and training.

2, Creative Brand Campaigns – Offering full-service digital PR campaigns to brands and websites that want to compete against the big players. Using our expertise in ideation to come up with campaigns that will build brand and increase their backlink profile to ultimately have them rank higher on Google.

I’m saying ‘we’ a lot (we’ve even got it in our domain name), but it’s just little old me, Iona. Maybe it’ll turn into a ‘we’ one day. I have unfathomable belief in myself, and I hope you will too.

We’re already working with a number of clients and agencies, so why not join us?

To get in touch, message me at hello@weareheroine.com

Iona x